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Planting Sage: Inmates and Sage-Grouse Recovery

Gretchen Graber, Native Plant Grower and Educator for the Institute for Applied Ecology, will discuss a unique partnership to grow and plant-out thousands of sagebrush plants for the recovery of the Greater Sage-Grouse, an iconic bird of the west. The partnership between the Institute of Applied Ecology, Sustainability in Prisons Project, Bureau of Land Management and Washington State Department of Corrections is a new partnership being used to bring science and sustainability education into prisons to reduce recidivism rates. Another goal of the program is to bring attention to the loss of the shrub-steppe habitat.

At 6:30, we will continue with our "What is THAT Plant?" feature. Bring in your unknown plant (non-ornamental) and we will attempt to identify it. This is also an opportunity to socialize before the meeting.